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The top 7 ways to work gracefully in heels

The easiest way to look like an amateur in heels is to put your whole foot down at once, as if you’re wearing flats. When wearing heels, put your heel down first, followed by your toe. This will make your walk look more natural.

Trying to walk quickly in heels often ends up looking quite awkward. Between the smaller steps and the compromised balance, it’s best to take your time in heels. Besides, walking slowly gives off an air of confidence.

Wearing heels makes your stride shorter than normal, so you’ll have to take an increased number of small steps to go the same distance. We’re not recommending baby steps, but don’t try to take your usual long strides either. Here are things you should know:

  • Take small steps.
  • Walk from heel to toe.
  • Maintain good posture.
  • Invest in a quality pair of shoes.
  • Walk slowly
  • Choose heels with thicker soles.

If wearing high heels every day is mandatory for your job, try switching up the height of your heels. This prevents too much pressure or friction from concentrating on one particular spot.

Quality heels offer better support, stability, padding, and comfort than a cheap pair. While the expense may not seem feasible in the short term, your feet will thank you in the long term. Well-made shoes also mould to your feet better over time, allowing you to walk more comfortably.

High-quality materials last longer, too. While you may cringe at the higher price tag, quality heels are a better investment all around. Looking for a trusted brand where you can get super-quality shoes? Then it’s none other than www.estelleshoes.com. We stock unique, trendy, and exquisite shoes you can always bank on. And you get good value for your money. Chat us up via the link in our bio to place your orders.

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