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Most common mistakes when styling your sneakers

Sneakers have long since established themselves as the singular powerhouse of the shoe world. They’ve blown out of their street style origins to get paired with everything from suits to cocktail dresses. No surprise, this has emboldened many of us to get more daring with our sneaker choices and pairings, but this also means we’re making more mistakes.

Nobody likes to spend a lot of money on custom sneakers and then ruin them with an ugly outfit. But this is exactly what happens when people make the most common mistakes when styling sneakers.

Have you ever thought that you could be wearing your sneakers incorrectly? When you wear sneaker shoes, it affects every look you wear. A pair of shoes can break or make your look. Sneakers are mostly considered informal shoes, which is why most people wear them for street or casual wear.

Many shoes are unique, and they are not multipurpose for every outfit that you pair them with. Thus, do not assume that your sneaker choice will match any outfit that you pick from your closet.

There is a margin of error for choosing a bad pair while looking for sneakers, as they are available in many colours, styles, and brands. However, styling them is the main challenge, as you cannot wear statement sneakers with your work suit as they are not appropriate together.

Matching coloured and sportier styles is also a challenge; hence, you need to consider more of the proportions of your look to be able to put your outfit together. Below are some common mistakes when styling your sneakers.

  • Not matching your sneakers to your outfit
  • Poor care and maintenance
  • Overdressing with statement sneakers
  • Wearing the wrong shoes for everyday style
  • Not dressing to your taste

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